Our Story

"The most important element for making "Authentic" food
is not only by choosing the right ingredients, but also using the right procedure at the right time."

         - The owner's mother of B Thai Cuisine

B Thai was inspired by the mother of the restaurant owner's authentic recipes. Her mother has been in restaurant business since she was still a little girl. The owner grew up in a family who knows so much about food and it is her passion to open a Thai restaurant that really has real authentic Thai food.

Thai food is like no other food in the world. It has more complex flavors; sweet, sour, salty, and of course spiciness. We make every dish from scratch; from the sauce to all the important ingredients of Thai food. We choose the freshest meat and vegetables, because we believe good food is not only tasty but also made fresh every time we serve.

Come and taste the experience for yourself.